General Chair
João Gabriel Silva
University of Coimbra

Program Chair
Johan Karlsson
Chalmers University

Preliminary EDC-6 Fast Abstracts Program

Session 2B: Fast Abstracts I (Wednesday, October 18: 13:30 - 15:00)
Hardware-Based Mechanisms
     An Enhanced Debugger for Real-Time Fault Injection
  André Fidalgo, Gustavo Alves and José Ferreira
     Hardware Fault Injection Using Dynamic Binary Instrumentation: FITgrind
  Ute Wappler and Christof Fetzer
Replication and Adaptation
     Stop failures: Software-based approaches for highly available stateful services
  Pablo Neira Ayuso
     Numbing transactions to avoid stopping the system activity
  Rubén de Juan-Marín, Luis Irún-Briz and Francisco Daniel Muñoz-Escoí
     Configuration Management and Verification of a Fault Tolerant System
  Oleg Brekhov and Juan Reza

Session 4B: Fast Abstracts II (Thursday, October 19: 09:00 - 10:30)
Fault-Tolerant Algorithms
     Eventual Leader Election in the Crash-recovery Model with weak Communication
     Reliability and Synchrony
  Mikel Larrea and Cristian Martín
     Implementing Failure Detector Classes Perfect and Strong with Limited Link Synchrony
  Mikel Larrea, Michel Hurfin and Alberto Lafuente
     Flexible Membership Agreement for Time-Triggered Networks
  Raul Barbosa and Johan Karlsson
     Model-Checking a Group Membership Protocol for TDMA-based Networks with both
     Static and Dynamic Scheduling
  Valério Rosset, Pedro Souto and Francisco Vasques
     Flexible Definition of Data and Redundancy Layout for Storage Systems
  Peter Sobe and Kathrin Peter
     Real Convolutional Codes for ABFT via Wavelet Structures
  Robert Redinbo

Session 6B: Fast Abstracts III (Friday, October 20: 10:30 - 12:30)
Operating Systems and Virtualisation
     Learning Library-Level Error Return Values from Syscall Error Injection
  Martin Suesskraut and Christof Fetzer
     Hypervisor-Based Redundant Execution on a Single Physical Host
  Hans P. Reiser, Franz J. Hauck, Rüdiger Kapitza and Wolfgang Schröder-Preikschat
     A Scalable Honeyfarm by using the Virtual Environment
  Takashi Minohara and Masahiro Amano
     Memory Protection in a Real-Time Kernel
  Jorge Alçada, Raul Barbosa and Johan Karlsson
Methodologies and Risk Analysis
     Ensuring Dependability in Socio-Technical System by Risk Analysis
  Yudistira Asnar and Paolo Giorgin
     A Pattern-Based Scheme for Software Fault Tree Analysis Applied to Satellite Flight Software
  Walter Dos Santos, Edgar Yano and Adilson Cunha
     Fault Management in Integrated Modular Systems
  Matthew Mapleston
     HIDENETS – Highly Dependable IP-based Networks and Services
  Hans-Peter Schwefel, András Pataricza, Markus Radimirsch, Manfred Reitenspiess, Mohamed Kaâniche, Inge Einar Svinnset, Paulo Veríssimo, Sonia Heemstra de Groot and Andrea Bondavalli



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